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Developing the case for transformation

Transforming healthcare usually means transforming either the cost or the quality of healthcare - or preferrably both. And the ability to transform the cost needs to bring benefit to all the stakeholders, something which is not always easy to do, given the often complex nature of healthcare finance. Through our partner Viewcare, we have access to unique insights into business cases that work in other health economies and which can be adapted to work in yours.


If no case exists then we can help create one: Viewcare's cloud solution means that innovative care pathways can be piloted quickly and inexpensively, allowing the service provider to build the evidence required to support large-scale deployment.

Care Pathway Design

Video enables new and different interactions between patients and clinicians. They can see each other so the communication between them is fundamentally changed. It’s not (usually) simply a question of substituting video for telephony with everything else staying the same. Typically, video allows a number of steps to be bypassed or simplified, greatly shortening the pathway and improving both patient and clinician experience. Moreover, geographical location is no longer fixed, enabling much more flexible clinical resource planning.


Conversely, inappropriate use of video within an existing pathway can be seen as more trouble than it is worth, leading to poor utilisation of the solution.


Together, Viewcare and have unique insights into deploying video in a wide variety of healthcare settings and can provide practical advice on the best way of meeting your pathway requirements from both a clinical and an operational point of view.

Call Centre Solution Design

Not every pathway needs a call centre solution but when they do it’s important that it is as straightforward as possible for clinicians to use, enhancing rather than hindering the delivery of care:

  • Due consideration needs to be given to the call handling process and how callers are transferred between different groups of clinicians or specialists;
  • The choice of endpoint - including number and types of cameras, positioning, lighting, acoustic devices and agent appearance - need to be considered, based on the role of the clinician (and similar considerations may also apply for callers);
  • PCs need to be configured correctly to work with video apps and other software applications required for the pathway;
  • Supervisors need to be able to monitor activities effectively;
  • Data networks need to be configured to meet security standards yet provide the best possible video performance;
  • Help needs to be available should anything go wrong. and its partners can provide hands-on support to facilitate a smooth call centre deployment and trouble-free operation.

Apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs

Healthcare providers like their users to know who is proving their service. If care is needed urgently, patients don’t want to be trying to remember the right button to press. An app may need to interact with the care provider’s IT systems or acquire or present particular information at a particular time. Recognising this, works with its partner Viewcare to customise its apps to meet its customers’ specific requirements. This may be as simple as ensuing the app’s icon has the customer’s branding or to reflect the complexity of a new care pathway. Either way, we take care of design, development, testing and meeting the requirements of the relevant app marketplaces, such as Appstore, Googleplay or Windows.

Prototype solutions

Experience shows that it’s not always the obvious, intuitive solution that works best. There is no substitute for practical experience of using a service – lots of subtle changes can be needed to make the user experience the best it can be. To support this process of refinement we believe the best approach is to provide a “sandbox” environment where users can play with a prototype solution without fear of “getting it wrong”. This can typically be delivered in just a few hours, once the basic pathway is understood and adapted “on-the-fly” using Viewcare’s cloud platform. Thus, the finally deployed solution can have the benefit of many hours, days or weeks of fine-tuning built into it from day 1.

System Integration

Like any programme of technology-led change, healthcare pathways need to meld process, IT systems and people together effectively if they are to deliver the hoped-for benefits: The technology, including the video solution, needs to interact with its users to provide what they need when they need it; hand-offs between different parts of the organisation need to be appropriate and properly supported – not a source of issues. We work with our customers to ensure that the care process and the role of IT and video technology are well understood and documented; where necessary, we will work with the customer’s IT team to integrate video solution and IT solution components so they behave as one system, hiding any complexity from the users.

Usage and adoption

Solutions deliver no benefits if they don’t get used! People in general can sometimes be quite conservative in their attitudes to change and many just don’t have time in their daily lives to consider new ways of accessing or providing healthcare – until it has already become an emergency. Providing training or user guides is only part of the story: users need to understand the benefits and buy-in to new ways of doing things; it helps if these benefits are intuitively obvious in the design of the care pathway. We work with our clients to design and, if necessary, deliver programmes which drive usage and adoption of new video-based care pathways.

Virtual Heathcare Solutions

If you need a highly flexible video-based solution to transform your organisation's healthcare delivery, we can help. Call, email  or fill in our contact form and we will get right back to you.

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