Experience shows that healthcare applications place specific requirements on the video technology used to support them:

  • It needs to be very simple to use, for both patients and clinicians;

  • It must delivery high quality video and audio communications, even over wireless networks and the internet;

  • It must support a wide range of end-user devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as PCs;

  • It must provide video-based call centre and remote working functions, in the same way as conventional voice technologies;

  • It must be possible to integrate solutions with patient medical record systems and other technologies used to manage clinical workflow;

  • It must be able to scale to handle millions of users;

  • It needs to be secure and highly reliable;

  • It must be easy to adapt and rapid to deploy.

Our principal product offering is Viewcare's "Switchboard" video-based call centre solution. It provides a complete suite of capabilities allowing it to be adapted to deliver a wide range of healthcare models. Contact us and we can help you understand how to use Viewcare to meet your particular application:

Caller and agent “apps” for smartphones, tablets and PCs


  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows-based devices;

  • Customer-branded;

  • Based on industry-leading Vidyo™ video toolkit to optimise video and audio call quality across the internet and mobile networks;

  • Simplified caller/patient experience including “single button” call initiation and remote-control by far-end clinician;

  • Supports remote or at-home agents;

  • Support for device-connected medical devices, such as O2/pulse, blood pressure and spirometers

A range of video call control features which allow creation of a large-scale video-based call centre, including:


  • Supporting multiple queues;

  • Skills-based routing;

  • Placing calls on hold;

  • Warm or cold transfers to individuals or to other queues;

  • Multi-party conferencing;

  • Call-back capability;

  • Integrated note-taking capability to support cold transfers;

  • Integrated appointment scheduling with automatic call set-up.

Video call recordings:


  • Supervisor web portal to view and download recordings;

  • Automatic or user-initiated recordings.

A simple-to-use administration portal, providing straightforward configuration and control of the solution:


  • Ability to add, modify and delete users;

  • Password administration; local or integrated with AD, LDAP on single sign-on

  • Skills-based routing management;

  • User status reports, including wall-board support;

  • Access to call detail records and key performance indicators.

For maximum deployment flexibility, Viewcare supports  a range of cloud-based implementation methods:


  • Public cloud solution supports rapid deployment in just a few weeks;

  • “Sandbox” deployments for solution development and training support;

  • Secure, highly-resilient, EU-based production environment;

  • Deployment in customer’s private cloud.

Unlike phone networks, end-to-end encryption is supported for enhanced caller privacy:


  • Uses military-grade encryption protocols for call media and signalling;

  • Encrypted bulk-transfer of call recordings.

Virtual Heathcare Solutions

If you need a highly flexible video-based solution to transform your organisation's healthcare delivery, we can help. Call, email  or fill in our contact form and we will get right back to you.

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